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The new Maneuvers Guide Online provides step-by-step guidance with over 2 hours of video and animated media. Each maneuver is introduced by designated pilot examiner Ben Fouts. A detailed graphical animation follows, explaining the maneuvers step by step. Then there is also a cockpit view available showing the flown maneuver from pilot's perspective! Additionally you can profit from the "Examiner's Perspective" videos. Here you will get important information about common errors and see what an FAA examiner is looking for during the check ride. The software is a great learning tool for students and CFIs alike.

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Helicopter Maneuvers Guide released!

MLH is proud to announce the release
of our new pilot online training software!

We are honored that the FAA F.A.S.T. Team had chosen our new Manuevers Software to be used in the FAA safety presentation Autorotations - Reality Exposed - at the HeliExpo.

Purchase your login to our state of the art, interactive, 3D Manuevers Guide now!


Trial Version Available!
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